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Bonafide Legal Services is a law practice founded by district court attorneys Lúðvík Bergvinsson and Sigurvin Ólafsson. Three attorneys are now employed at the practice and an office manager.  Bonafide Legal Services is located in Reykjavik.   .

The staff at Bonafide Legal Services deal with legal issues in all fields of law on behalf of individuals, businesses, public agencies and local government, as well as clients abroad. In all their work, Bonafide Legal Services staff are guided by the principles of professionalism and high standards, integrity, and respect for the client.

Special emphasis is placed upon creative approaches and collaboration in order to resolve the issues dealt with by the practice’s staff. Good workplace morale and solidarity among the staff play a vital role in the daily work of Bonafide Legal Services.



We at Bonafide Legal Services are a strong, united team who take pride in finding the optimum solution for our clients’ issues.


District court attorney, partner

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Lúðvík Bergvinsson, b. 1964, is from the Westman Islands off the south coast of Iceland. In 2009 he founded Bonafide Legal Services in partnership with Sigurvin Ólafsson.

Lúðvík had previously served as member of parliament (Alþingi) for 14 years. Elected in 1995 for the South Iceland constituency, he sat in  parliament until 2009. He was leader of the parliamentary Social Democratic Alliance (Samfylkingin) 2007-9. As a parliamentarian Lúðvik was a member of various committees, including the Education, Agriculture, Fisheries, Transport, General, Economic Affairs and Trade, Credentials, Social Affairs and Foreign Affairs committees, an ad hoc committee on the constitution and the Þingvellir Committee. He was a member of the Prime Minister’s Natural Resources Committee 1998-2000. Lúðvík was a member of the Icelandic delegation to the WEU (Western European Union) Assembly 1999-2003, and of the Icelandic delegation to the EFTA Parliamentary Committee  2003-7.

Lúðvík is a keen golfer and played football in his younger years and still does, twice a week.

Fields of work

Lúðvík focuses on finance agreements, administrative law, financial and corporate law, securities law, sureties, and energy/natural resources law with special emphasis on water rights and fisheries. He also works in compensation law, criminal law, real-estate law, intellectual property rights and debt mitigation. Lúðvík spends a good deal of time in court.


Cand. jur. University of Iceland 1991

Called to the bar 2009

Master’s certificate for 30-ton vessels 


Legal deputy at office of Westman Islands sheriff (subsequently district commissioner) 1991-1994

Head of department at State Criminal Investigation Police 1993-1994

Chief lawyer, Ministry for the Environment 1994-1995

Member of Parliament for South Iceland 1995-2009

Town councillor, Westman Islands 2002-2006

Leader of the parliamentary Social Democratic Alliance (Samfylkingin) 2007-2009

District court attorney since 2009


District court attorney, partner

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Sigurvin Ólafsson, b. 1976, is from the Westman Islands off the south coast of Iceland. In 2009 he founded Bonafide Legal Services in partnership with Lúðvík Bergvinsson.

Sigurvin is a well known footballer and was often a member of national championship teams. He is also an avid golfer whose handicap falls when the sun rises.

Sigurvin has written several articles on the Pressan website in the wake of the collapse of Iceland’s financial system in 2008.

Fields of work

Sigurvin focuses on financial and corporate law, contract law, law of debtor and creditor, consumer law, settlement of index-linked contracts, sureties, real-estate law, debt mitigation and advocacy, as well as criminal cases. Sigurvin spends a considerable amount of time in court.


Cand.jur. Reykjavík University 2007

District Court Attourney since 2008


Professional footballer 1993-2007

Gardener 2000-2005

Reporter at RÚV national broadcasting  2005

Lawyer/attorney at Juris law practice 2007-2009

District court attorney at Bonafide Legal Services since 2009 



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Kolbrún Arnardóttir, b. 1986, worked at Arion banki while studying law at the University of Iceland.  In 2012 Kolbrún joined Bonafide Legal Services where she is in charge of the office´s fields of family law, debt mitigation and bankcrupty law.

Kolbrún is the technical expert in the office and is always on hand if a problem comes up with excel, or a printer refuses to work. She is keenly interested in outdoor activities, travel and all sorts of  sports. She played football from a young age, and also coached young footballers. 

Fields of work

Kolbrún focuses on bankruptcy law, debt collection, debt mitigation, family law, compensation law, information law, consumer law and banking law. 


Cand. jur. University of Iceland 2013


Actavis pharmaceuticals, registration department, 2006-2008

Law student, law department. Arion Bank 2010-2012

Lawyer with Bonafide Legal Services since 2012


Managing director

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Þóra Gunnarsdóttir, b. 1965, is from Reykjavík. She is managing director of  Bonafide Legal Services.


Fields of work

Þóra is responsible for the day-to-day running of Bonafide Legal Services.


BA sociology University of Iceland 2004


Producer and purchaser of foreign programming at Channel 2 TV 1986-1996

Purchasing of foreign programming for Stöð 3, Wizja TV and RÚV national TV 1996-2002

Project manager, Icelandic Film Centre 2004-2009

Managing director at Bonafide Legal Services since 2009


The range of work undertaken by Bonafide Legal Services is extensive, like the law itself. We undertake projects on behalf of individuals, businesses, local government and public bodies, as well as clients abroad. No task is too small – or too large – for Bonafide Legal Services. 

These are some of the fields of law in which we specialise:   

  • administrative law
  • advocacy in court
  • arbitration
  • asset administration
  • aviation law
  • bankruptcy
  • building/planning law
  • buying and selling of businesses
  • competition law
  • composition
  • constitutional law
  • consumer rights
  • contract law and contracts
  • debt mitigation
  • debt moratoria
  • establishing a company
  • the EEA Agreement
  • European law
  • equality
  • family law
  • farming law
  • general legal services
  • guardianship ad litem
  • human rights
  • information law
  • insurance law
  • intellectual rights/copyright
  • labour law
  • law of contractors
  • law of energy and natural resources
  • law of financial businesses
  • legal defence
  • local government law
  • media and telecommunications law
  • mediation 
  • mergers and acquisitions
  • mortgage law
  • property law
  • securities law
  • social security law
  • sports law
  • sureties
  • tax law
  • tort law
  • transport and maritime law 



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